Use PhoneHub to get a dedicated work telephone number

Use this app for a dedicated work telephone number

If your work telephone number is your personal cell phone number, we're going to have to fix that. Immediately.   Using a free app like PhoneHub means you can have a dedicated business phone number to hand out to customers, clients, and colleagues anytime at all. Since all your calls and texts stay within the PhoneHub app, you can keep your business communications separate and never have to worry about getting work calls on your personal number.   You

PhoneHub can solve your small business phone problems

Are you guilty of these small business phone problems?

Is your small business phone causing more confusion than connections? You might not realize all of the ways it's harming your business, and leaving your customers and clients wishing they hadn't dialed at all.   Look, we get it. Running

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Is it better to call or text?

To call or to text ... that is the question!   It used to be that when you called someone, there was a pretty good chance they’d picked up the phone. If not, they would definitely respond to your voicemail

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Run your small business from anywhere in the world

While most people would agree that the idea of traveling the world and working wherever you choose is awesome — conducting business deals on a yacht in the Balearic Islands or a treehouse in Costa Rica — it may leave

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Grow your small business — it’s all in the numbers

While many small businesses communicate with their clients via email and video meetings, there’s still a time and place for a good old-fashioned telephone call.    What do your digits tell the world about your small business? Do those 10

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Get organized with smarter business phone numbers

When you’re starting a new business, things can escalate quickly — and while what’s actually a sign you’re doing well, it can feel a little overwhelming.   Few entrepreneurs start a business armed with all of the knowledge (and tools)