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While most people would agree that the idea of traveling the world and working wherever you choose is awesome — conducting business deals on a yacht in the Balearic Islands or a treehouse in Costa Rica — it may leave your clients feeling a little uneasy.

That’s where your friends at PhoneHub come in.


While our business phones have shifted from being clunky devices sitting on our desks to sleek pieces of tech we slip into our pocket, there’s a level of stability that comes from having solid business phone numbers with steady, recognizable area codes.


International VS. long-distance VS. local numbers


While you can certainly keep your North American phone number when you’re off galavanting the world, doing business out of your backpack, doing so will be prohibitively expensive. 


And while you could pick up a local SIM card and get a local number, your clients aren’t going to like the idea of dialing an international number to reach you halfway across the globe. (They probably wouldn’t answer your calls, either, because you’d look like a spammer.)


Enter PhoneHub. We’ll set you up with virtual phone numbers in any country you need, and the calls will automatically go straight to any phone you’d like — including the one in your pocket as you travel the world. No matter where you are, your clients will have the security of calling their usual phone numbers and knowing you’ll be there for them. 


Provide trusted local business phone numbers


Even if you’re using your cell phone for 100% of your company’s business, we make it easy to have a variety of different business phone numbers — giving you the impressive appeal of different virtual “branches” in cities across the globe.


It’s a fact that people feel more comfortable dialing recognizable phone numbers, even when a product is going to be shipped from across the country and it doesn’t matter in the slightest when your business is actually located. 


We can set your business up with separate virtual business phone numbers for various areas — Los Angeles, New York, Toronto, Montreal — or separate phone numbers for various departments of your business — accounting, sales, customer service. 


Cleanly separate your personal life from your businesses and side hustles 


Your passport gives you the freedom to travel the globe, and PhoneHub gives you the convenience of having as many business phone numbers as you’d like — all accessible from anywhere your life takes you.


Keep a dedicated personal phone number, several for your small business, and maybe another for that side hustle you’re trying to get off the ground. You’ll know exactly which call to answer when, and be able to manage your time accordingly. 


It’s easy to pick up phone numbers and drop phone numbers as needed, so it’s an easy solution for a digital nomad who likes to keep exploring the world. Each of your custom numbers comes equipped with all the calling features you’d expect from a regular cell number (like voicemail and call forwarding) so you’re able to offer prompt, professional service at all times.


Whether you’re glued to your desk in a corporate office or sipping a piña colada while an ocean breeze ruffles your hair, PhoneHub is here to help you continue to grow your small business.

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