No, your business doesn’t need a landline

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Despite the fact that many households have already said sayonara to their landlines long ago — seriously, who needs to pay $100+ a month just for telemarketers to disturb your dinner? — it can be trickier to say good-bye to your business’s landline.


After all, don’t you need a business landline? Isn’t it important to hang onto that existing phone number? Wouldn’t your business be missing out in some way, by not having a landline? Nope, nope, and nope.


Here at PhoneHub, we’re shouting from the rooftops that you can absolutely cut the cord while still meeting all of your telecommunications needs.


Nobody is going to know if your number changes (because nobody memorizes phone numbers anymore).


We get it — you’ve had your business number for a long time, and maybe it’s even cute/memorable, but the truth is that nobody remembers phone numbers anymore. 


Socially, we’ve lost the ability or need to memorize numbers because it’s become so incredibly easy to look up numbers on our phone (or ask Siri or Alexa to do it for us). If you have regular customers who call that number, do they have your cell phone number, too? Probably. 


Those calling features on your current landline? You can still have them.


Here at PhoneHub, we believe the best solution is to have a dedicated business phone number that sends calls straight to your phone — complete with all the same calling features you had with your landline (and probably plenty that you didn’t) for a fraction of the cost. 


Voicemails? Yup, you can still get those.


Your dedicated business line can accept voicemails as usual, and you’ll be able to easily filter them right on your cell phone. 


(Although, if we’re being honest, leaving voicemail has become rather passé in recent years. We find most people prefer to communicate with a business via email or text, which is something a landline can’t handle, anyway. 


Those ol’ landlines aren’t what they used to be, anyway.


Sometimes business owners cling to the idea of a landline because they’re worried about relying 100% on their cell. That was once a valid point … but today? Not so much.


While traditional analogue telephone services never faltered during power outages, most of them are now as digital as our cells — and business owners often don’t realize this until an outage renders their landline totally useless.


Pssst! If you’re a landline diehard, check with your landline provider to make sure that you still have the service that you think you have!


Go anywhere (and everywhere) and still receive business calls.


Your cell phone is your primary business phone these days, so it makes sense that your business phone number is a virtual line that goes straight to your cell. You’ll never miss a call, text, or voicemail — leaving you free to run your business more efficiently without being tied to any specific location. 


So don’t let your landline rental chug away in the background, costing you money. Upgrade to a better system — like PhoneHub — and reap the benefits.

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