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Why even a small business needs a dedicated customer support number

When you’re starting a small business, you might assume one phone number is plenty.    If a customer needs something, they’ll call the main number, and someone will handle it. Having a dedicated customer support number sounds like something you’ll maybe implement waaaaaay down the road, right? Many small business owners are surprised to learn that this isn’t necessarily a great approach — and it could be setting your business up for problems in the future.    A dedicated

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Is it better to call or text?

To call or to text ... that is the question!   It used to be that when you called someone, there was a pretty good chance they’d picked up the phone. If not, they would definitely respond to your voicemail

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Run your small business from anywhere in the world

While most people would agree that the idea of traveling the world and working wherever you choose is awesome — conducting business deals on a yacht in the Balearic Islands or a treehouse in Costa Rica — it may leave

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Grow your small business — it’s all in the numbers

While many small businesses communicate with their clients via email and video meetings, there’s still a time and place for a good old-fashioned telephone call.    What do your digits tell the world about your small business? Do those 10

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Get organized with smarter business phone numbers

When you’re starting a new business, things can escalate quickly — and while what’s actually a sign you’re doing well, it can feel a little overwhelming.   Few entrepreneurs start a business armed with all of the knowledge (and tools)

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No, your business doesn’t need a landline

Despite the fact that many households have already said sayonara to their landlines long ago — seriously, who needs to pay $100+ a month just for telemarketers to disturb your dinner? — it can be trickier to say good-bye to