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Run your small business from anywhere in the world

While most people would agree that the idea of traveling the world and working wherever you choose is awesome — conducting business deals on a yacht in the Balearic Islands or a treehouse in Costa Rica — it may leave your clients feeling a little uneasy. That’s where your friends at PhoneHub come in.   While our business phones have shifted from being clunky devices sitting on our desks to sleek pieces of tech we slip into our pocket,

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Grow your small business — it’s all in the numbers

While many small businesses communicate with their clients via email and video meetings, there’s still a time and place for a good old-fashioned telephone call.    What do your digits tell the world about your small business? Do those 10

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No, your business doesn’t need a landline

Despite the fact that many households have already said sayonara to their landlines long ago — seriously, who needs to pay $100+ a month just for telemarketers to disturb your dinner? — it can be trickier to say good-bye to